DUTRA receives Emerging Business Partner Award

San Rafael, CA-The Dutra Group and Aimi Dutra have received the Emerging Business Partner Recognition Award from HeadsUp, San Rafael’s Public Education Foundation. The organization works to sustain important education programs that have been threatened by school budget cuts.

The company first became involved with HeadsUp when Aimi Dutra, Community Relations for The Dutra Group, helped plan SummerFest, a youth carnival that raised nearly $90,000 for San Rafael’s public schools. She has remained an active supporter since then, and appreciates HeadsUp for the recognition and continuing partnership.

The Dutra Group’s collaboration with HeadsUp will help to continue elementary school music programs, ensure school libraries stay open, preserve elementary and high school counseling programs and maintain outdoor education programs. HeadsUp thanked them for their involvement, saying, “Your commitment to public education helps create the excellence our students deserve. We are deeply thankful!”

The partnership will help to ensure that important education programs continue, and The Dutra Group is happy to collaborate with San Rafael City Schools to preserve the quality of education for local children and families.

“We are grateful to be involved with HeadsUp and give back to the area that has provided me and my family with so much. We look forward to continuing to be partners with organizations that work to strengthen our community and Marin County” – stated Aimi Dutra.