Dutra Materials’ sand is free of harmful material, naturally hard, highly durable, and of uniform particle size.

Dutra Materials’ water-side barge-loading equipment makes it the most cost-effective transporter of quality aggregate and building materials in the region.

From levee repair projects along the Sacramento Delta, to sporting fields and playgrounds for Bay Area schools, our clients range from civil contractors to small water districts and individual home owners.


Fine Sand

Dutra Materials’ Fine Sand is of a hard and durable nature. It is classified as a poorly graded sand (SP) using ASTM D2487, and will be free of deleterious material.

Sieve Size TypicalGradiation
No. 4 (4.75mm) 100
No. 8 (2.36mm) 73
No. 16 (1.18mm) 62
No. 30 (600um) 47
No. 50 (300um) 29
No. 100 (150um) 17
No. 200 (75um) 10

NOTE: All third-party sampling of aggregate for the purpose of specification compliance shall be performed in accordance with California Test Method 125. Testing of these materials for compliance purposes shall be done in accordance with applicable California Department of Transportation test methods and practices.